KAIST School of Computing CCA Net

Schedule of CCA 2017

Sunday (July 23)
19h00-21h00: informal pre-conference dinner, Indian Curry No.9 (유성구 궁동 432-4, 대학로 169 / Daehak-ro 169)
Monday (July 24)
9h00: shuttle bus departs from Toyoko Inn (Government Complex)
9h15: registration in KAIST N1 building, room #102
9h45: opening ceremony
10h00: invited talk by Verónica Becher: "Computable Examples of Absolutely Normal Numbers"
11h00: coffee break
11h30: Birzhan Moldagaliyev: Automatic Randomness Tests
12h00: Willem Fouche: Logical and computational aspects of Gleason's theorem in probability theory
12h30: Christine Gaßner, Arno Pauly, Florian Steinberg: Computing measures as a primitive operation
13h00: lunch break
14h30: afternoon session chair: Klaus Weihrauch
14h30: Vasco Brattka, Rupert Hölzl, Rutger Kuyper: Monte Carlo Computability and Inverting Jumps
15h00: Junhee Cho, Martin Ziegler: Computing Periods...
15h30: Pieter Collins: On the Relationship between Classical and Computable Topology
16h00: coffee break
16h30: Matthew de Brecht, Arno Pauly: Noetherian Quasi-Polish spaces
17h00: invited talk by Takayuki Kihara: "Martin-like phenomena in the classification of real-valued functions"
18h00: end of first conference day
Tuesday (July 25)
9h30: morning session chair: Vasco Brattka
9h30: invited talk by Anders Hansen: "Computing the non-computable - on the role of computability theory in the sciences"
10h30: Chansu Park, Ji-Won Park, Sewon Park, Dongseong Seon, Martin Ziegler: Computable Operations on Compact Subsets of Metric Spaces with Applications to Frechet Distance and Shape Optimization
11h00: coffee break
11h30: Ivan Georgiev: Complexity of some real numbers and functions with respect to the subrecursive class M2
12h00: Matthias Schröder: Complexity Theory using Hybrid Representations
12h30: Florian Steinberg, Akitoshi Kawamura: Polynomial running times for polynomial-time oracle machines
13h00: lunch break
14h00: guided walking tour of KAIST, KISTI, and KARI : meet at 14h10 in front of E5
17h30: end of 2nd day
Wednesday (July 26)
9h30: morning session chair: Akitoshi Kawamura
9h45: invited talk by Amaury Pouly: "A universal polynomial differential equation, and some consequences for computability theory"
10h45: Pieter Collins, Luca Geretti, Davide Bresolin, Sanja Živanović Gonzalez, Tiziano Villa: Semantics and Computation of the Evolution of Hybrid Systems with Ariadne
11h15: coffee break
11h45: Eike Neumann, Michal Konečný: Evaluation strategies over continuous real functions
12h15: Chansu Park, Martin Ziegler: Towards Vector Calculus in Exact Real Computation
12h45: photo session
13h15: lunch break
14h30: bus departs for excursion and banquet
22h00: bus returns, end of 3rd day
Thursday (July 27)
9h30: morning session chair: Pieter Collins
9h30: invited talk by Hee-Kap Ahn: "Geometric Algorithms in the Presence of Obstacles"
10h30: Sewon Park, Martin Ziegler: Reliable Diagonalization of Degenerate Matrices
11h00: coffee break
11h30: Eike Neumann: Continuous Enclosures of Discontinuous Problems II
12h00: Florian Steinberg: The standard representation of continuous functions from a Banach space perspective
12h30: Franz Brauße, Florian Steinberg: A minimal representation for continuous functions
13h00: lunch break
14h30: afternoon session chair: Arno Pauly
14h30: invited talk by Linda B. Westrick: "Turing, tt- and m- reductions for functions in the Baire hierarchy"
15h30: coffee break
16h00: informal talk by Jun Le Goh: Compositions of multi-valued functions
16h30: end of 4th day
Friday (July 28): Workshop on Real Verification.
9h15: registration/coffee
9h35: opening
9:45: Sunyoung Kim (Yonsei): Towards certified exact real computation
10:30: Cyril Cohen (INRIA): Real algebraic numbers in Coq
11h15: coffee break
11h45: Michal Konečný (Aston): Exact real computation in AERN2/Haskell
12h30: Norbert Müller (Trier): Some Steps into Verification of Exact Real Arithmetic
13h15: lunch break
14h45: Jeehoon Kang (SNU): iRRAM-Coq: Fearless Verification of Exact Real Arithmetic Programs
15h30: coffee break
16h00: Sukyoung Ryu (KAIST): Journey to Find Bugs in JavaScript Web Applications in the Wild
16h45: Johannes Kanig (AdaCore): SPARK - Formal Verification for the Software Engineer
17h30: conclusion, end of workshop
Saturday (July 29)
Excursion to Seoul for Samgyetang and guided tour of Royal Palaces
(for those who chose this option during registration...)
9h00: departure from Daejeon Government Complex Express Bus Terminal (대전 청사 고속버스 터미널)
11h00: arrival in Seoul, subway #3 to Anguk Station
12h00: lunch
14h00: guided tour of Changdeokgung Palace
16h00: guided tour of National Palace Museum
17h30: end of excursion